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LoneColor for Windows: your color as wallpaper

Rename "LoneColor" to "LoneColor Pink", run and get a Pink Desktop wallpaper! Or run as it is, and get a beautiful random color wallpaper.

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Also available for Android

Color wallpapers

Solid color wallpapers may be a welcome, refreshing and modern change from the traditional photo wallpapers. They also free up valuable memory and make PCs run faster. Use LoneColor to try one on your Desktop.

Just one click

LoneColor is very easy to use: simply drop the program or its shortcut on your Desktop and double-click it to get a random color wallpaper. Or rename "LoneColor" to "LoneColor Pink", and run it to get a Pink wallpaper.

No user interface

LoneColor has a minimal design and no user interface! To specify the color you want to use, just add its name or code to the program name. It's like using command line parameters, but a lot easier. And less technical.

Clipboard talk

As a zero interface app, LoneColor has no windows! So it talks to the user using the... Clipboard. It writes the color code of your wallpaper, or any error messages, to the Clipboard. To see them, paste anywhere.

Works anywhere

If you are using a notebook and running a Starter Edition of Windows, you are stuck with the default wallpaper. There is no option to change it. LoneColor can help you set a fast and clean solid color wallpaper.

Easy to go back

Want to restore your old photo wallpaper? Rename "LoneColor" to "LoneColor C" (or create a "LoneColor C" shortcut), and run it to open the Desktop Background Control Panel, where you can easily undo changes.


LoneColor with the surprise effect: start the program without changes, and it randomly selects a tint and colors the background.

Software Informer

Very few free, small, simple apps are really worth downloading, let alone installing. LoneColor is one of those few apps.


LoneColor boasts what could appropriately be called a zero interface. ... In a nutshell, it's a very simple and unique app.


A tiny free tool with one simple, minimalist answer. Just run the program and it sets your wallpaper to a solid color.


With LoneColor, what sounds simple, makes sense. ... Who wants more concentration on the computer, has found the right tool.

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