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LoneColor for Android: instant color wallpapers

Tap to instantly set a beautiful color wallpaper on your device. Try a surprising random color, or copy/tap any color code.

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Also available for Windows

Color wallpapers

Install the free, tiny, and zero interface LoneColor app, and tap its icon to instantly set a beautiful color as your cool, modern and elegant wallpaper. LoneColor brings an infinite palette of tints to your Android smartphone or tablet.

Just one tap

LoneColor is a zero interface app not only on Windows, but also on Android: just tap its icon on the Home screen, or in the app drawer, and instantly see the wallpaper of your device change into ... a surprising random color.

Or copy/tap

Simply copy one of the millions of color codes from a color loving community on the Internet, or from any other app, and tap LoneColor to see it instantly fill your screen. Try a web color code like #D31996, #C0FFEE, DECAFF, or red.

Great alternative

LoneColor wallpapers are a refreshing and relaxing change from the traditional photo wallpapers. They also free up valuable memory, consume less battery, and make your device runaster.

Minimalist, but frank

LoneColor is tiny and minimalist: no user interface, no settings, nothing. And it gives feedback using the... Clipboard. Paste anywhere to get the color code of the random wallpaper, or any (unlikely) error messages.

Keep tapping

If the random color wallpaper is not to your taste, and because LoneColor is so "instant" and easy to use, you can keep tapping its icon until you are satisfied with the result. And refresh as often as you like.


One of the most simplistic and cleverly designed apps we've seen in a long time. (5 Stars - Excellent Editor's Review)


Specify the shade: on Android this is as easy as visiting a site like HTML Color Codes, copying a color code and tapping the app icon.

PC Advisor

Run it and your background will be set to a random colour. ... Copy a colour code from anywhere and tap the icon to use that shade.


Depending on your mood, if you prefer a solid color wallpaper on Android phones, then you are going to love the LoneColor app.


Color me green, Color me red, Color me good - LoneColor me for sure! ... It is really tiny and free, and it's fun and pretty.

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