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LoneColor for Windows


What sounds simple, makes sense. ... LoneColor is a small program that conjures up some variation on the monitor - without distracting the user. Who wants more concentration on the computer, has found the right tool.


You can leave the decision to LoneColor, or you can choose a color by renaming the app. Ideal for those who like to get some variety on their desktop without having to remember to load pictures that consume additional memory.

Web User Magazine

You can decorate your Windows Desktop using all sorts of images and photos, but if you prefer the minimalist approach, LoneColor could be the tool for you. ... LoneColor #1b3665.exe will set your Desktop to a lovely shade of blue.

Rocky Bytes

LoneColor does not have any interface - it does not need it! All your have to do is click it and it does the work for you right away. That is what makes LoneColor such a great little simple program. (Rocky Bytes Score: Great!)


With the free, portable LoneColor mini program we can switch the desktop background to relaxing colors in one click. ... LoneColor with the surprise effect: start the program, and it randomly selects a tint and colors the background.

PC Advisor

LoneColor is a free portable 42KB program with a single, simple function: setting your Windows/ Android wallpaper to a defined solid colour. ... For extra precision, it's even possible to specify the precise shade via its hex code.


Really detailed images can be a distraction, especially when they're changing all the time. ... LoneColor is a tiny free Windows and Android tool with one simple, minimalist answer. Just run the program and it sets your wallpaper to a solid color.


This is the part of the article where I'm supposed to talk about the interface. But you see, LoneColor is a zero interface application – it does not have an interface. ... Cons: none that I could think of. (Essential Award and 5 out of 5 stars)


Excellent Editor's Review Award: No alternative found. It is a unique application for changing wallpapers with solid colors. ... A very simple, easy to use, lightweight application. You only have to double-click it once to get hooked!

Vinagre Asesino

How to set a solid color background for the Windows desktop: Sometimes it is best to use a solid color background, without any gradient. ... LoneColor allows you to change the background color of your desktop in an instant.


With LoneColor we can instantly switch the Windows desktop wallpaper to a solid color. ... It's a simple app with minimal options. Nevertheless, it will be very handy if you've been searching for solid color desktop backgrounds.


A free and very simple to use application for monochrome desktop backgrounds. ... You can use multiple shortcuts to the program, or multiple copies of the executable file, with different color definitions in their names.

Software Informer

One of those few free utilities that not only will bring no harm to your system, but will provide it with an infinite palette of solid color wallpapers to add an elegant and relaxing atmosphere to your desktop. ... Overwhelmingly simple


Change your background to a seemingly endless number of color tones meant to make your day better. ... LoneColor takes it to a new level in terms of ergonomics and approach, bringing you a refreshing alternative.

Shareware Connection

Unlike other tools, LoneColor is a lot more portable, with no installation and no complicated interface, yet works wonders. Picking on the color you wish to use to create the wallpaper suiting your taste has never got any better.


LoneColor is a very simple software app that just changes the color of the monochromatic wallpaper. There is no window of the application itself, the app can be operated just by clicking its shortcut on the desktop.


If you don't like picture wallpapers, and having trouble finding what you are looking for on the Desktop, then LoneColor is a program that is right for you. ... Designed specifically for users who do not like complications, LoneColor is a must try.

Tam İndir

To use the program, all you have to do is click on its icon. ... The program is very fast and runs smoothly. Once in a while you may get tired of your color choice, so just click directly on the icon again and a random color will be selected.


If you no longer want images and photos on your Desktop, LoneColor is a small application that replaces your wallpaper with a single color, any color of your choice. LoneColor customizes your Desktop by coloring it exactly as you want it.


Download Editors' Rating: Very Good. LoneColor doesn't require installation and it couldn't be easier to use. ... LoneColor worked exactly as promised, and it only took one click to replace our wallpaper with a random color.


LoneColor is a Desktop wallpaper tool, that can get you a solid color wallpaper. ... Add your favorite color code to the software's file name, and with a simple double-click you can see your wallpaper change to that color.


LoneColor is a very interesting little program. ... The other way to use LoneColor is more magical: insert the color code or name directly in the LoneColor executable file name, and the wallpaper background will be changed to that color.


All other tools come with an interface and features that you might not even use. How about a tool that is portable, no installation required and doesn't feature any complex interface, but works like a gem? Wouldn't be cool?


Make the wallpaper you want with the color you prefer. ... Choose the color you want to create a wallpaper with your taste. It creates a cleaner image, organizing your screen but leaving the color you prefer to focus on the monitor image.


Choose your favorite color and let LoneColor turn it into a wallpaper instantly. ... By not having an interface (just rename the EXE), it becomes quite easy to use and a little less work. ... Extremely simple but quite interesting

Ultra Downloads

If you like to customize your PC, but don't want to put figures or specific themes as background, LoneColor can be a great option. ... Just double click the icon, and the Desktop background will be the filled with the color you want, simple as that!


LoneColor lets you change the wallpaper to any solid color, either blue, pink, yellow, green, red, black, etc., and just with a single click. ... LoneColor changes the desktop background to a solid color just by clicking on the executable file.

Baidu Encyclopedia

You can use this 29KB gadget to have your desktop color replaced. LoneColor allows you to specify your favorite color, or to have the color of your desktop randomly selected. Simple to use, it can be downloaded and executed directly.


It is a small utility that allows you to change the background color of the desktop with one click. ... The developers had the idea to leave the choice of the color to the user simply by renaming the application. ...
A great time saver!

Versed Tech

The Fastest Way to Set Solid Color as Desktop Background: Meet LoneColor. LoneColor will set solid color as desktop background in just two or three seconds. You do not have to install this software because of its portability.

Hong Kong Silicon

If you think there are so many steps each time you want to change the desktop color, it is recommended that you use LoneColor. This 29KB desktop gadget replaces the desktop color, so you can have the color you like.


LoneColor boasts what could appropriately be called a zero interface. ... I can't seem to remember coming across an app that allows changing backgrounds in such an easy way. ... LoneColor is a very simple and unique app.

I Love Free Software

The way it accepts color choices from users is quite innovative. Personally, I would have also preferred to see some sort of color picker ... But I guess that would have taken away the uniqueness of this software.


LoneColor is a small (29 KB - I mean tiny) application that will allow you to have a simple and nice desktop background on your computer with just one click. ... Practically it will choose and apply the color randomly for you.


Set any color you want as your desktop wallpaper. LoneColor is designed to customize your wallpaper with solid colors. ... Just double-click the LoneColor shortcut on your desktop to set your own vibrant color, or a random color.


LoneColor proposes to change the color of your wallpaper in one click. You want red? Rename the program to 'LoneColor Red', double click and voilà. You also have the option to double click to get a color you like or just let the shuffle decide for you.

LoneColor for Android


Editor's Review: Very Good. LoneColor is a neat little app that can change the background color of an Android device to a different color to make it more attractive to use and do away with background wallpaper for good.


If you prefer a solid color wallpaper on Android phones, then you are going to love the LoneColor app. ... LoneColor does not come with any user interface at all. However, it still allows you to specify a color of your own in a different way.


Set your wallpaper to a single shade with LoneColor. ... LoneColor also allows you to specify the shade you'd like to use. On Android this is as easy as visiting a site like HTML Color Codes, copying a color code and tapping the app icon.

PC Advisor

Setting your Android wallpaper to a defined solid colour. Run the program on its own and your background will be set to a random colour. ... On Android, copy a colour code from anywhere and tap the icon to use that shade.


LoneColor isn't like any other wallpaper apps available out there but it brings many advantages to your phone. One of the most simplistic and cleverly designed apps we've seen in a long time. (5 Stars – Excellent Editor's Review)


Color me green, Color me red, Color me good – LoneColor me for sure! ... This tiny weeny app serves just one purpose in many colors. ... It is really tiny and for free and is fun and pretty. You don't need to look for excuses now. Go install it.