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After downloading FrameDummy, surprising birthday cards, small attentions or non-closing windows can be created with just a few clicks. ... FrameDummy ensures surprised faces. The application is simple and the result is deceptively real.


Excellent Award: This nifty tool, even though has a simple functionality, can be used in various ways and is ideal for pranks. ... This one is a quite special program with unique functionality, thus there are no alternatives.

Software Informer

Editor's Pick Award and 5 Stars (Excellent) Rating: FrameDummy is simple yet highly effective – nobody will notice the difference between a standard Windows desktop frame and the ones created using this fun tool.


Create a false application window on the desktop, that cannot be closed, as a joke for your friends. ... Its functionality seems minimal, however, the program hides a few properties that can turn it into a funny, harmless prank.

Rocky Bytes

Rocky Bytes Score: Great! You can pretty much make it look like you created an application when you really have not. FrameDummy is just that, a dummy window frame that can be used for just about anything you want.

Impress Watch

You can easily create fictitious software windows with FrameDummy... Only a window frame is displayed at start-up, so you can start creating the window by selecting any image you want as the contents of the frame.


Unique software that can easily help anyone make a fake, blank dummy window. ... Its use depends on the user: it can be a photo frame melt into the wallpaper, or something to show to people and make jokes (naughty jokes).


This time I would like to offer you a program that will help you enhance and decorate your screen in a more exotic way. ... FrameDummy will convert itself into a virtual picture frame on our computer screen, so we can easily load our pictures.


Download Editors' Rating: Good. So what's FrameDummy for? Create a realistic but nonfunctional program window to fool hapless users into thinking something's gone wrong. Mischievous? Maybe; but they'll be glad it's only a prank!

PC Mogeringo

The free FrameDummy software can display dummy windows on your Desktop. ... The convenient Portable Edition can be started from a USB flash drive, and can run anywhere. ... FrameDummy can be used in many different applications.

Versed Tech

FrameDummy can make a counterfeit windows frame around your images, screen or anything else. ... You can also fool your friends by creating a fake window. ... This tool comes with tiny options, but it is really helpful.

Ultra Downloads

Add Windows desktop frames on different objects. ... The application can be useful in a number of situations in which you need to submit a project within a window frame. Possible applications include software development.


FrameDummy is a really interesting and fun utility. ... Thanks to the customization options, the program has endless application possibilities - from professional purposes to playing jokes on your friends. ... Unusual and fun.


Not only is the application fairly easy to use, but it also presents everything in a simple fashion. ... The real fun starts in the tool's settings window, that customize the frame. ... FrameDummy works perfectly at what it does.


It can generate a 'dummy window' in a super easy operation, with any icon, title, or background. So simple, and highly customizable. ... I think it's great as a companion for software development, or as a pretty good joke.